Liliw laguna

The Municipality of Liliw's Gat Tayaw Tsinelas Festival is a yearly celebrated festival held during the last week of April. Based from its name, this celebration exhibits the essential business of the said "Footwear Capital of Laguna". The footwear business that the age of today acquired is consistently enhancing through the endeavors of Liliw Mayor Cesar C. Sulibit. Also, accordingly, the district wound up one of the numerous well known vacationer spots in Laguna.

One of such festivals is the Coconut Festival of San Pablo, Laguna. It is a weeklong frestival celebrated every 2nd week of january. It is done to honor its Patron Saint, Paul the Hermit and to promote the city's main produce, coconut another awaited festival in the province is the Anilag Festival.

Here are some famous festival and fiestas celebrated in Liliw Laguna:

  • Tsinelas Festival
  • Anilag Festival
  • Puto Latik Festival
  • Batingaw Festival
  • Geography and History of Liliw Laguna
  • Laguna, officially the Province of Laguna is the province of the Philippines, located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon. Its capital ion the St. Cruz and the province situated southeast of Metro Manila, south of the province of Rizal, west of Quezon, north of Batangas and east of Cavite.
  • The name of Liliw Laguna came from the Bird. It was said that Gat Tayaw and his followers decided to erect a bamboo pole and to name the town after the bird that would first alight at the top of tree within four days.

    Laguna hugs the southern shores of Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. As of the 2015 census, the province's total population is 3,035081. It also currently the seventh richest province in the country.

    Laguna was th site of miltiple engagement during the Sangley Rebellion. In 1603, Antonio de Morga relates how the Chiunese rebels scattered to three divisions, one of which went to the mountains of San Pablo. Captian Don Luys de Velasco, aided by Spanish and Filipino forces, was succesful in pursuing the rebels.

    Department of Tourism

    Laguna has large tourist industry , owning to its historical and nature resources. Laguna also hasa lot of 239 accredited tourist attraction , the second largest in the region behind batangas . tourism in laguna is large , although most of the visitors to tourist spot are foreigner , as opposed to other provinces in CALABARZON. Liliw is perhaps best known for its cold water spring resorts, native homemade sweets and a sizeable shoe industry that rivals that of Marikina City. The town is also known for its baroque church and its Liliw-style houses. The local government is currently undertaking means to conserve its cultural heritage sites and has proposed to enact a legislation that would mandate the usage of the Liliwstyle architecture as the only means of construction and re-construction in the town. If the ordinance passes, Liliw will have a greater chance to become a heritage town, and further support from the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. In the 2015 census, the population of Liliw was 36,582 people,[4] with a density of 940 inhabitants per square kilometre or 2,400 inhabitants per square mile